Interview with Kim Lindsjö - Affiliate Manager at Videoslots
Posted on: May 12 2016


1. A brief introduction about yourself. What can you tell us about you?

I am originally from Sweden and have been in Malta for the past four years. Before I started with, I was working in the sales industry for 10 years. I have covered different roles with the last one being Call Centre Manager. There I had a team of around 60 sales people and our target where Swedish customers, to encourage them to invest in a pension scheme. I must say that I didn’t mind it, however I’m someone who loves challenges, and it was time to change.


2. What attracted you to become an Affiliate Manager and what made you choose 

I am a recent acquisition to the Affiliate industry and in fact it’s been just over a year, but I must say though that I feel to have been into it since ever. It was completely new but I was up for a new thing, something which I enjoyed and which could learn from. I have full trust in our CEO Alex Stevendahl and this is why I chose to represent Videoslots, an online casino which keeps growing faster and faster every day. The company’s vision and targets are crystal clear, apart from that we transmit to players what they want, and why not, we are always up to something new.


3. What is a typical day as an Affiliate Manager?

Being an Affiliate Manager is not an easy road as the perception may be, it is hard work and you must be focused in what you do. Currently I have quite a good number of affiliates who are in contact with me at any time. These are mainly from UK and Sweden, and from time to time I personally go there to meet them. At times my days can be a bit long since I need to meet their requests. This can be from a simple update of a code, to a request for a banner, a review, an update about Battle of Slots and so forth. I do all that is possible so that people can find us. I have regular meetings with new affiliates so that they promote us on their website too.


4. What attracts players to

Our point of strength is Battle of Slots as it is just great and fantastic! They cannot find that anywhere else. Players are also attracted to our cashback system which rewards our customers with 25% of cashback to them every week. The system works regardless whether you win or lose during that week. The cashback is calculated on the company’s profits of the previous week and then they get paid a week later. Our customer support agents are always there to help players, and this pays us back. Whatever they need, we are there.


5. Why do affiliates choose to promote Videoslots? How do they promote us?

Apart from the fact that I’m doing a good job? Jokes apart, Videoslots is attracting many new players every day, and thanks to us they are earning good money. Promoting our site means that they have long term earnings from their players. The good thing about Videoslots is that the lifespan of every player is longer than six months, and this is also due to our Battle of Slots, the amount of casino games we have to offer, over 1,500, and the weekly casino races. All this is to the advantage of the affiliate. Videoslots offers the online casino industry a product with a twist, and this is why I also believe that it is easy for our affiliates to attract new players.


6. What is the number one advice you would give to a new affiliate?

He must be prepared to face hard work. It is a lovely job, very dynamic and fun, but it requires good stamina. The job is about building a strong network, and strong relationships. It’s what I do every day.