August Testimonials - let´s see what our partners had to say about us this month!
Posted on: Jun 17 2021

Another month has passed by, and a lot has happened, and still is. What we have this time, is some words from our loyal partners in the August testimonials. We are glad to see what they had to say this time!
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Our August Testimonials:

"Videoslots is a wonderful partner for us at EkstraPoint. Quality, great conversions, traffic volumes, and everything you could generally hope for. They are one of our preferred partners, and is group that we hope to continue to have a long and prosperous relationship with." 

"We love to promote this Brand and its Casino. Affiliates are provided with great deals and fast payments. It is just a perfect partnership." 

"Super professional affiliate management great support, fast payments. Recommended." 

"Videoslots Affiliates is a very reliable partner to work with, with a great team of professionals. Thank for the good co-operation guys!" 

"Its was a no-brainer for Topcasinoaffiliates to partner up with Videoslots. The managers behind Videoslots are real professionals and we look forward to a long partnership." 

"We highly recommend VideoSlots! What we like to mention about the affiliate is that we get super-sonically fast payouts, as well as a lot of other benefits like remarkable revenue share, the fast and accurate communication and freedom to bring in more partners!" 

"VideoSlots is a well-established brand and we are very excited to list them on our website. Looking forward to many years of great partnership!" 

"Videoslots provides a very professional team. The affiliate team is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Here at we are happy working with Videoslots and we are happy to have them as partners on our mission to save the world through online gambling." 

"VideoSlots has been around for quite some time and we really enjoy working with them. The team behind is knowledgeable and ready to help when needed. We are hoping for a long-lasting cooperation between our companies!" 

"Despite being around for a while, we just started working with Videoslots and so far we have not been disappointed. They have a great affiliate team and this seems to be the beginning of a great partnership." 

"Working with Videoslots has so far been a breeze. We are very happy with the partnership and are looking forward to many more years of cooperation." 

"We at are happy we can work with such a great affiliate team. We are looking forward to many profitable years ahead." 

"Working with a professional team is always pleasurable. That is why our partnership with Videoslots can only be described positively. They have proven to be helpful and communicative throughout. We are very proud of our partnership with Videoslots and would highly recommend them to anyone with serious intentions." 

"Videoslots is as a great partner to work with and the affiliate team is always helpful and work fast. We at CasinoExpo can really recommend" 

"We have been promoting for several years on CasinoIdag with great results. With a fair commission structure, accurate reporting and a professional affiliate team Videoslots is a brand we reccomend to promote." 

"If you are looking for an effective affiliate program, look no further! We have got amazing experience working with Videoslots, and with their help, we manage to grow! We highly recommend these incredible guys!" 

"On we focus on the Swedish market. The affiliate team is always helpful when we need anything Working with Videoslots is highly recommended for all affiliates." 

"Videoslots Affiliates has by far exceeded our expectation as far as an affiliate partner goes. They’re really great to work with!" 

"The team behind Videoslot is great. They are very professional and always reply fast. We are hoping for a long-lasting partnership." 

Videoslots affiliate team