Enter the Battle of Slots
Posted on: May 18 2016

Videoslots has seen huge success with the implementation of the Battle of Slots feature, which is a daily tournament feature which allows for players to chat and compete for prizes while playing top online slot games.

The feature offers two types of tournament games ranging from free roll games to buy-in battles in a variety of different slot games throughout the day. This award winning feature is absolutely unique and offers players an innovative online gaming solution. The game’s prize pools are adjusted to be fun and worthwhile for high-rollers as well as casual slot players.

With the amazingly popular free roll battles players will be able to try out video slots they might never tried out before, as they enter the battle for free and can spend a set amount of free spins and compete to win up to 1000 free spins several times a day. This is an absolutely unique feature that attracts hundreds of players daily.

Each battle allows players to communicate with each other and gives a community feeling amongst Videoslots players. This feature brings a multiplayer-feeling to online slots gaming, something that never has been accomplished before by any online casino in the industry.

Upcoming battles are announced with one day’s notice, so players have time to plan any game as well as joining a battle spontaneously whenever the urge strikes. The layout of the battle of slots function allows players to segment the battles to make picking the type of battles you want to play even easier.

Get the most out of your slot gaming by trying out one of our Battle of Slots today!