December Testimonials - let´s see the last of this years testimonials!
Posted on: Jan 12 2021

With Christmas and a new year just around the corner, we are preparing for all the good things to come. But we all know what we want to see first - the last time in 2020. We enjoy reading what our partners had to say about us each time, and this time is no different! So let´s get into the testimonials for December!

Check out what our partners had to say about us this time!

"Videoslots has made a lot of progress in Canada and these days sport all the payments important to the market. They're great to work and a great fit for our players." 

"We have been working with Videoslots for a long time, and we truly recommend them for the Canadian market. Keep up the good work! "

"Videoslots is one of the standouts in the business. Long track record of solid business and a great casino, also for those speaking French. Very recommended."

"Videoslots truly are on top of the game. They have a great product offering, innovate for user engagement and find ways to cleverly differentiate from the crowd. We're delighted to work with them and so are our users! Long may it continue." 

"数多くのアフィリエイトプログラムの中では、Videoslots Affiliates は間違えなくトップクラスです。幅広い分野でサポートを提供し、業界の新規傾向と共に進み、バランスの良いプログラムを確保できます。神カジノは、プレイヤーにもアフィリエイターにも大変おすすめします。"

"Videoslotsアフィリエイトプログラムとは、一つのプロジェクトに焦点を当てることで、優れた専門知識、豪華な報酬と徹底的なサポートが保証されます。 ビデオスロッツとの協力は、ギャンブルのように簡単で好調であると共に、安定して信頼できるパートナーシップです。ラッキーチカは、将来の協力にやりがいを感じています。"

"When we look for a new Swedish casino to promote, we look for casinos that give a great game experience and service to our readers. Videoslots offers all these. We are very happy to collaborate with Videoslots." 

"Videoslots is the kind of Swedish casino we like to promote. With an amazing game experience and bonuses for players, and great commission program for partners, Videoslots is a Swedish casino that will definitely surprise everybody." nä

"We have been working with Videoslots for years and we’re always happy with the results that we’re getting." 

"Working with Videoslots and promoting their casino among our Swedish readers, has become a complete success. They are a very professional and helpful team that guarantees us the best services. There are no doubts that this partnership will become in a win-win situation. Videoslots are 100% recommendable." 

"Great bonuses are what looks for when searching a new casino to promote. That’s why it’s a great pleasure to promote Videoslots. They have a great welcome offer for all type of players."


"Kiwis have loved Videoslots for years and 2020 looks to be no exception. Their affiliate managers are top notch and take smashing care of us - lovely folks!"      

"Videoslots is your perfect assistant for the urgent issues that you may have. Always staying on top of things and showing excellent knowledge of the market, they know how to address both present and future issues. The experts at GambLizard had a positive experience that was both helpful and inspirational."     

"VideoSlots partners have proven to be an exceptional operator. We are very happy with the agents who work there as they offered us a first class, professional and fast service." 

"VideSlots is a very popular online casino in the iGaming community. As operators, they have given us an excellent treatment and have offered us a simple and easy-to-use platform. We are happy with them. We recommend them." 

"We have been working with Videoslots for almost 5 years now, and the most notable thing is that we´ve had the same solid account manager from day one. That is something that is rare and appreciated. Along with that, Videoslots is a no-brainer to promote on your casino website, as they can boast with the biggest selection of slots we have ever seen. Looking for a specific Casino game? You will find it at Videoslots! We can really recommend partnering up with Videoslots’ affiliate program." CasinoWings

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Thank you, merry christmas! 

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