Germany - New regulatory changes to be made by October 15th!
Posted on: Oct 14 2020

Starting from 15th October 2020, affiliates need to do the following changes to comply with these new regulations for Germany.

The changes apply to:

Affiliates that have a .de domain; and/or
Affiliates that promote in German; and/or
Affiliates that have specific lists such as DE/German casinos lists.
Affiliates that geo-target will pose a different challenge. In such cases, where the DE flag is visible or there is a clear indication that the targeted audience is DE

· Remove all Table Games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Live Casino games - including fun games, text/images/reviews, and sub or news pages.
· Remove all Jackpot games/daily Jackpots and must drop games - fun games, including all images, text and reviews.
· Remove the words Casino, Casinos & Live Casino from any text that may be on your site/s – from all reviews, text links, logos, page tabs and/or banners.

You must also remove all mention of the word “Casino” or “Kasino” as these words are no longer permitted. This applies to any text that may be on your site(s) such as reviews, text links, logos, tabs, and banners. The use of the word “Casino” or “Kasino” may now only be used when referring to land-based casinos.

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Thank you.