Videoslots offers useful tools for responsible gaming
Posted on: May 18 2016

At we are proud and happy to offer fun gaming experience to all of our players. In most cases, playing online casino games is harmless fun - but in some rare cases it can get out of hands. This is the reason why we want to offer our players the opportunity to play responsibly all the way. How is it done? Let’s take a look!

First of all, it is important to monitor your gambling and from time to time see that it stays on the safe side. For this evaluation, there is a list of points that the player should observe in order to notice if gambling has get out of hands. This section, like all the others below, can be found under the responsible gaming section at

Besides preventing gambling addiction, it is also important to prevent underage gaming. always checks the age and verifies the identity so that only players over 18, or the legal age, are able to gamble. There are also list of tips at the website for parents to use in order to protect minors.

And what happens if player feels like he is slowly sliding towards the gamble addiction or is otherwise concerned about his gambling habits? In these cases, action should always be taken. offers self-exclusion for players, so that they can close their account for a specific time period, from 7 days to 6 months. There are also limits players can adjust for their deposits, wagers or losses. Information and instructions how to do so can be found at or by contacting customer support. wants the players to feel good and happy about gaming. It should always be fun and exciting rather than something they feel they just have to do. Maintaining control and evaluating their own gambling is one thing to keep strings in their own hands but if own hands are not enough, there are multiple support groups introduced at the website.

As you can read above, or see yourself from, we are taking responsible gaming seriously and doing our share to prevent gambling addiction so that all our players could have a healthy fun in our slot packed casino.