Videoslots and the integration of Rightlander
Posted on: Sep 04 2018

Videoslots works hard with compliance, constantly assisting affiliates in keeping up to date with all regulations. To help us out on the way to perfection is Rightlander as we now integrated its landing page tracker. This will help us scan all websites which Videoslots is mentioned on – meaning that we can now keep better track at all affiliate sites that are linking to us, and in its turn help them keep compliant.

How does it work?

Rightlander is a function that takes a screenshot and stores this image, which we will get to be able to keep a record and keep track of all affiliate websites linking to our brand – finding everything that isn’t yet compliant. It will find keywords, incorrect information, and non-compliant issues. This helps us find each detail on sites, making sure that we can get in touch with the affiliate to assure that the issue is handled, making the site becomes fully compliant. It is simply a win-win deal!

We are thrilled to work with Rightlander, it is the perfect tool for our goals – and we are excited to see how it goes.